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Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program Provides Substantial Funding to Framingham State University

Framingham State’s Dual Enrollment Program has been awarded a substantial grant by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Since its establishment in 1993, the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program (CDEP) has been providing opportunities for Massachusetts high school students to take college-level coursework and to earn credit simultaneously toward high school completion and their future college degrees.

The grant will cover the cost of tuition and fees for the 12 students enrolled in the fall 2013 semester and the 11 students enrolled in the spring 2014 semester so that they can participate in the program free of charge. FSU plans to recruit students who will be the first in their immediate family to receive a four-year college degree and students who wish to pursue courses in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.

CDEP eases the transition from high school to college, allows students to get a head-start on their college careers, and provides meaningful and challenging academic experiences to qualified students who otherwise may not have access to an early college experience. The primary goal of CDEP is to increase the population of high school graduates who are college-ready.  

Grant to FSU Supports the “Bridge to Health Program”

The Framingham State University “Bridge to Health Program” has been awarded funding to add an exercise specialist to the Health and Wellness Center’s staff. The Program has identified student stress as an issue that impacts many of the university’s approximately 6,400 undergraduate and graduate students. This stress shows through in back pain, sleep difficulty, fatigue, and low energy.

Studies confirm that regular exercise promotes overall physical and mental well-being. Despite this benefit, only 24% of adults over the age of 18 pursue at least moderate physical activity. This figure is due to several “barriers” that the students encounter, such as lack of an exercise “mindset” and previous unsuccessful attempts at developing an exercise regimen.

The Program’s exercise specialist will help students with health obstacles every step of the way. The specialist will be available to assess selected students, identify barriers, create solutions with the students, and accompany them to physical activities. The goals are to help students experience the benefits of physical activity and to decrease their perceived barriers.

Professor Jane Schwartz receives funding for SNIP in MetroWest schools

The MetroWest Health Foundation awarded a substantial grant to Framingham State University’s Jane Schwartz, Chair of the Consumer Sciences Department, after a needs assessment of the food and nutrition programs at nine schools in the MetroWest. The FSU Consumer Sciences faculty completed the MetroWest School Food and Nutrition Assessment in 2012 and determined that the schools were in need of team-building and organizational culture change. The outcome of the findings resulted in Professor Schwartz’s program, School Nutrition Intervention Program (SNIP).

SNIP is presenting a year of training for those involved in school nutrition services – approximately 36 people from the nine schools. The program training started November 1, 2012, and is anticipated to end September 1, 2013. FSU Consumer Sciences faculty, along with members of the John Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition (JSI), will implement new regulations in the MetroWest schools that are food-based, emphasize portion size and provide fruit, vegetable, and whole grain offerings.

The goals of SNIP are to improve culinary skills of cafeteria managers and line directors and to ensure that healthy food choices are offered that meet the new national food standards in school nutrition programs. An FSU facilitator will develop a marketing workshop for food service directors and managers to work with students, staff and parents. Mini-grants will be awarded to teachers who submit plans on how to use the cafeteria as a learning laboratory. The program ultimately seeks to change the paradigm of simply “getting the meal out,” to offering quality products in an environment conducive to healthy choices.

Dr. Emmanouil Apostolidis Receives Funding for Diabetes Research

Ocean Spray awarded Dr. Emmanouil Apostolidis of the Chemistry and Food Science Department a research contract for a project titled “Effect of cranberry phytochemicals on carbohydrate hydrolysis enzymes relevant to type 2 diabetes management.”  The goal of Dr. Apostolidis’s proposed study is to assess the potential of cranberry phenolic constituents for Type-2 Diabetes management via the inhibition of carbohydrate hydrolysis enzymes.  A series of two in-vitro experiments will be proposed to investigate the effect of cranberry extracts to define the most bioactive phytochemical fractions.

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