Admission to the FSU Commonwealth Honors Program

Entering first-year students will be invited to participate in the University Honors Program based on a weighted composite of their combined SAT scores, class rank (if available), high school GPA, and a demonstrated potential for superior work at the university level. Any student not initially invited to participate in the program may apply to the Honors Program Director, Dr. Paul Bruno, for admission once their first semester's grades are available and up to October 1st of their Sophomore year.

A minimum QPA of 3.25, two letters of recommendation from faculty members, a copy of the student's transcript, and a brief statement of intent should be submitted to the Honors Program Director. Students transferring in good standing from other Commonwealth Honors Programs are guaranteed admission. Students tranferring from non-Commonwealth Honors Programs should meet with the Director to discuss honors credits, which may be applied. All students must complete a minimum of three (3) honors classes at Framingham State University, including HNPT 480 - Honors Program Thesis/Project. 

Rachel G.  speaking at MSCA Conference 2013

Senior Honors Student Rachel Gelinas spoke at the 2013 Massachusetts School Counselors Association Fall Conference as part of the State's "Go Public" campaign promoting Honors education at public colleges and universities.

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