Travel Expense Voucher

Step 4: Travel Expense Voucher

After your trip, complete this form within 30 days from the start date of your travel- unless it is near the end of the fiscal year then please be aware that the dates change.

General Encumbrance Number - Write at the top (if applicable)

Header Section - Full Name, Department, Address, SSN#, date, union (same as appears on Pay Advice)

Detail Section - Complete the following 8 items:

  1. List all dates (Start Date, end date, and all dates in between where you incurred expenses)
  2. From/Return - next to corresponding dates should read where to where
    i.e. 3/10/04 Framingham, MA to San Francisco, CA
    3/11/04 Hotel to Museum to Hotel
    3/12/04 San Francisco, Ca to Framingham, MA
  3. Air, Train or Boat Fares or if Driving: # of Miles, Amount Reimbursed (.56 per mile) and odometer readings beginning and end (all listed on appropriate date line)
  4. Hotel Amount
  5. Meals - only for travel more than 24 hours
    corresponding dated line, time is noted on receipts please use judgment when listing: Breakfast $7.50, Lunch $12.50, Dinner $20.00
  6. Other Travel - list other fares, registration fees, parking.
  7. TOTALS - Bottom of each column and the end of each row
  8. Last box on the right grand total


( Please provide printout of conversion for the expenses incurred during the dates of travel with receipts.

  • Amount to be reimbursed - this is the approved amount from your Travel Authorization
  • FOAP Expenditure Break Down - (Fund, Organization, Account, Program). This information should be supplied by the department secretary or chairperson.
  • Back of the Form - Dates (start and end) and description of travel
  • Attach All Original Receipts - if applicable General Encumbrance numbers should be written on receipts.
  • Sign and date
  • Chair sign and date (if department funds used)
  • Make Copies of Forms and Receipts - to be kept for your own files. 
  • Send to the Department Secretary -the department secretary will forward the form to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval by the Academic Vice President.***Copies of the Travel Outside the Commonwealth and Travel Authorization form should be included for the Vice President's Signature.***
  • The Office of Academic Affairs will return the signed forms to the department secretary.

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