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Greenfield Programs that transfer...

Art/Fine Art (CTC Option)***
Art/Communication Design (CTC Option)***
Art/Media Arts (CTC Option)***
Business Administration Transfer**
Criminal Justice Transfer****
Liberal Arts/American Studies**
Liberal Arts/Art**
Liberal Arts/Computer Science
Liberal Arts/Economics
Liberal Arts/English
Liberal Arts/Environmental Studies: Human Ecology
Liberal Arts/Environmental Studies: Natural Resources
Liberal Arts/Food Science
Liberal Arts/General**
Liberal Arts/Human Services****
Liberal Arts/International Studies**
Liberal Arts/Math-Science
Liberal Arts/Science-Math Education
Liberal Arts/Social Science Option
Liberal Arts/Social Sciences Option******
Liberal Arts/Women's Studies
Peace and Social Justice Studies****

into these Framingham State University Programs

Art (Studio)***
Art (Studio)***
Art (Studio)***
Business Administration, Business and Information Technology, Economics
Designated Liberal Arts and Professional Majors*
Art (Studio)***
Computer Science, Mathematics
Business Administration, Business and Information Technology, Economics
Food Science, Food and Nutrition
Designated Liberal Arts and Professional Majors*
Psychology, Sociology, Health and Consumer Sciences*****
English, History, Politics
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Politics, Psychology, Sociology**
Designated Liberal Arts and Professional Majors*
Designated Liberal Arts Majors*
Psychology, Sociology

* Designated Liberal Arts and Professional Majors refers to the following programs:

Bachelor of Arts Majors: Economics, English, Geography, History, Modern Language: Spanish, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology.

Bachelor of Science Majors: Biology, Business Admin., Chemistry, Health & Consumer Sciences, Food & Nutrition, Food Science, and Mathematics.

** With Math 107 or higher recommended.

*** Portfolio Review requirement.

****With Math 114 recommended.

*****For Health and Consumer Sciences majors, Consumer and Community Service concentration recommended.

******With a physical science and a life science for laboratory sciences recommended.

Eligibility to matriculate as a Joint Admissions students at a four-year institution carries with it the stipulation that you receive an associate degree in one of the above programs and achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of a 2.5.

Please note that Communication Arts, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Fashion Design and Retailing are not available at Framingham State University through the Joint Admissions Agreement. Due to the limited number of transfer spaces available in these programs, the admissions standards are significantly higher and require submission of an undergraduate application for admission. This application can be obtained by contacting Admissions or applying online.

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