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Each incoming student is assigned a faculty member who serves as the academic advisor. Advisors assist students in relating their interests and abilities to career goals and in developing decision-making skills. They also provide information about University policies, procedures, and requirements, and make referrals to campus support services. Another of the advisor’s primary roles is to guide students in designing their academic program, making course selections, and completing degree requirements.

It is recommended that students meet with their faculty advisors during their office hours on a regular basis. Advisees are encouraged to become familiar with the policies and degree requirements published in the Framingham State University Catalog and to keep records of their course progress. During the pre-registration period, students must meet with their advisors to obtain approval for course selection prior to registering for the following semester. Students should prepare for the advising session by planning a tentative schedule to be discussed with the advisor.

Major Checklists and Requirements 

Concentration 2012-13 Catalog 2013-14, 2014-15 Catalogs
Art Education (UARE) Click Here Click Here
Art History (UARH) Click Here Click Here
Ceramics (UARC) Click Here Click Here
Graphic Design (UARD) Click Here Click Here
Illustration (UARL) Click Here Click Here
Painting (UARA) Click Here Click Here
Printmaking (UARP) Click Here Click Here
Sculpture (UARS) Click Here Click Here
*Changes between the AY 2012 and AY 2013 Catalogs forward reflect the new General Education Model adopted by the University. Students may opt to complete the requirements listed in the Undergraduate Catalog the year they first matriculated, or change to a more recent catalog year. For more information about degree requirements and graduation plans, students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor.

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