Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the skillful combination of words and images brought together to create meaningful messages. These messages, whether on paper or on screen, must be the result of a thoughtful approach to problem-solving, creative skill, and an understanding of the world in which they function.

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Studio Art Major Core
ARTH 270 History of Art I
ARTH 272 History of Art II
ARTH 273 Modern Art History
ARTS 200 Drawing Fundamentals
ARTS 203 Three-Dimensional Design or
   ARTS 241 Ceramics1 
ARTS 222 Color and Design
ARTS 230 Digital Tools for Art and Design
ARTS 254 Painting Methods
ARTS 300 Life Drawing2 
ARTS 419 Advanced Drawing Studio3

Graphic Design Concentration
ARTH 383 Contemporary Art History or
   ARTH ___ Art History Elective
ARTS 361 Graphic Design I: Typography
ARTS 404 Graphic Design II: Type, Image, Identity
ARTS 431 Advanced Graphic Design
ARTS 488 Graphic Design/Illustration Senior Portfolio
ARTS 495 Internship in Studio Art

Choose two (2) of the following:
ARTS 300 Life Drawing
ARTS 310 Art and Motion
ARTS 320 Graphic Design Special Projects
ARTS 356 Illustration
ARTS ___ One printmaking course
ARTS 456 Advanced Illustration
COMM 208 Basic Photography
COMM 225 Interactive Design
COMM 316 Advanced Interactive Design
COMM 330 Advanced Photography

1ARTS 203 Three-Dimensional Design is required for Art Education Concentration, 2Not required for concentration in Graphic Design, 3Not required for concentrations in Graphic Design or Illustration

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