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Arts & Ideas Committee

Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad
Dr. Lisa Eck
Movement and Migration Series Chair

Robert Alter
Brian Bishop
Dominique Bourdon
Dr. Sarah Cole
Mark Evans
Millie Gonzalez
Jonathan Lee
Bonnie Mitchell
Robin Robinson
Ben Trapanick

Framingham State University is proud to present the 2013-14 Arts & Ideas Program – a yearlong series of engaging speakers, performances, exhibitions, and films. The series is designed to stimulate the kind of thought-provoking conversations that represent co-curricular learning at its best. Most events are free and open to the public.

A highlight of this year’s program is the Movement and Migration Series, which will examine the consequences of movement versus stasis, both in nature and in culture. As the Latin word for “moving from one place to another,” migration can refer to phenomena as diverse as the nonrandom movement of an atom from one place to another within a molecule or the high-stakes movements of global capital. Taken both literally and figuratively, the theme of migration seems to touch just about everyone.  From transnational authors and scientists moving between cultures to those who are refugees - trafficked, undocumented, stateless, incarcerated, or orphaned by climate change - the relationship between self and place has new implications, both positive and negative, for the new century we inhabit. 

Please note that dates, times and locations are subject to change. To view a pdf of the Arts & Ideas Brochure, click on the image below:


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