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Dr. Lisa Eck

Brian Bishop
Dr. Sarah Cole
Jennifer Donabed
Millie Gonzalez
Jonathan Lee
Dan Magazu
Roxana Marrero
Dr. Carlos Martinez
Bonnie Mitchell
Robin Robinson
Luis Rodriguez
Ben Trapanick
Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad
Dr. Samuel Witt

Framingham State University is proud to present the 2014-15 Arts & Ideas Program - a year-long series of engaging speakers, performances, exhibitions and films. Most events are free and open to the public.

Designed to stimulate the kind of thought-provoking conversations that represent co-curricular learning at its best, this year's program explores two complimentary themes: "A Republic of Learners" "...And Justice for All."

The latter theme echoes the final phrase of a pledge we repeat because it bears repeating. If, as Dr. King warned in 1963 "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," it falls to us as an academic community to consistently interrogate what we mean by "justice" brochureimage.jpg- in settings as diverse as an American courtroom or the the Arctic icecap - and perhaps more poignantly, who we mean by "all." Understanding the history of injustice - in the justification of a "heathen school" or an internment camp, strengthens our ability to analyze current forms of injustice embedded in our institutions: in our schools, in our approach to white collar crime or human rights. Ultimately, the goal is to image what an inclusive justice might look like: "justice for all."

Please note that dates, times and locations are subject to change. To view a PDF of the complete Arts & Ideas brochure, click on the image on the left. You may also browse through the different series by following the links to the left.

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