Biology Core Curriculum

Departmental Requirements

Biology majors must complete twelve (12) core requirements as well as additional requirements for the particular concentration chosen (see below).

The following twelve (12) Biology core requirements are required of Biology majors in all concentrations:

Biology Core:

BIOL 160 Introduction to Organismal Biology
BIOL 161 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIOL 260 Cell Biology
BIOL 301 Genetics
BIOL 402 Processes of Organic Evolution
BIOL 406 Methods in Biological Research I *
BIOL 407 Methods in Biological Research II *
or BIOL 496 Internship in Biology

CHEM 107 Principles of Chemistry (Gen.Ed. Goal 6)
CHEM 108 Principles of Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis CHEM 207 Organic Chemistry I

MATH 200 Precalculus (Gen.Ed. Goal 2)**
MATH 208 Biostatistics

* An original research project is required of all Biology majors, generally begun during the spring semester of the student's junior year and completed in the summer and/or fall semesters. Prior to enrollment in these courses, the student should meet with her/his advisor and with other Biology faculty to tailor the research project to the student's interests and career goals.

** Students proficient at the precalculus level should enroll in MATH 219 Calculus I to satisfy the Gen. Ed. Goal 2 requirement.


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