Major Requirements: Electives by Group

The Biology electives offered by the Department are listed below by group.  The number and distribution of electives required for completion of a Biology major vary depending on the concentration selected by the student.  Click on links to specific concentrations for more information.

Group A: Cellular and Molecular Biology Electives

BIOL 262 Molecular Biology
BIOL 307 Microbiology
BIOL 340 Immunology
BIOL 371 Medical Microbiology
BIOL 409 Developmental Biology
BIOL 453 Seminar in Recombinant DNA Technology

Group B: Organismal Diversity Electives

BIOL 203 Plants and Society (may not be used as a required plant course)
BIOL 210 Introduction to Marine Mammals
BIOL 220 Animal Behavior
BIOL 232 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 240 Botanical Diversity
BIOL 251 Vascular Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 305 Cetacean Biology and Conservation
BIOL 336 Ornithology

Group C: Physiology Electives

BIOL 234* Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
BIOL 272* Human Anatomy and Physiology: Cellular and Organ Systems
BIOL 273  Human Anatomy and Physiology: Musculoskeletal and Control Systems
BIOL 303  Exercise Physiology
BIOL 325  Neurobiology
BIOL 333* Principles of Human Physiology
BIOL 417  Endocrinology
BIOL 451  Plant Physiology
NEUR 225 Biopsychology
NEUR 380 Neuropharmacology

* Only one of these courses may be taken for Biology credit.

Group D: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Electives

BIOL 200 Introduction to Environmental Science
BIOL 233 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 316 Wetlands: Hydrology, Ecology, Restoration
BIOL 335 Principles of Wildlife Biology
BIOL 341 Marine Biology
BIOL 348 Ecology
BIOL 391 Tropical Ecology & Conservation

Group E: Advanced Biology Electives

BIOL 490 Independent Study in Biology
BIOL 495 Internship in Biology

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