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“Mentor events grew out of recommendations from industry professionals involved
with our Business and Information Technology program, but can benefit any FSC

-Karen Druffel, Associate Professor,
Department of Economics and Business Administration


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Career Services

The Bridge to Your Future program needs established professionals
to give guidance to students who are preparing themselves for the
working world. Students need help in understanding their career
options, job decisions, and how to truly be a professional.

The Bridge to Your Future program is not designed to provide
students with a specific job, but to help students
succeed in their field. A mentor is someone whom the student can
contact to review their resume, help prepare them for an interview,
or assist the student in deciding which direction to go with their
career. Being a mentor doesn't require a lot of time, but it does
requires honesty, the ability to give constructive criticism, and
willingness to help.

If you're the type of person who wants to give back to the
community and help others succeed, please consider joining
the Bridge to Your Future program.

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