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Framingham State University Police Department
McCarthy Center (Access off Church Street)
100 State Street
P.O. Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101

Phone: 508-626-4911
Fax: 508-626-4899
TTY: 508-626-4008

Can I bring my car and park on campus if I'm going to be a resident student in the Fall? 

Answer: Only if you have a resident student decal on your vehicle. There is a waiting list for resident parking. If you are interested in placing your name on the waiting list, please e-mail to inquire. Once on the waiting list, please do not call the University Police or Student Accounts Office to find out if you are going to receive a parking space. We will notify you via email when a parking space becomes available to you.

How do I obtain my parking decal?

Answer: Students who have completed all necessary paperwork required by the university and are eligible to receive a parking space, can fill out a parking decal application at  The form MUST be filled out in its entirety and brought down to University Police along with the vehicle registration. Once you provide the above information to University Police you can obtain your decal. Framingham State University Police Department is located on the ground floor in the rear of the McCarthy Center. The decal will be provided to you along with a copy of the FSU Parking Rules and Regulations Book. It is the student's responsibility to read and familiarize themselves with all matters pertaining to them. If you have not received your decal prior to the week before classes starting, then please contact our department at that time.

Am I guaranteed a parking spot as a commuter student?

Answer: There is sufficient parking provided to commuter students. There are two commuter parking lots available on campus: Maynard Road Lot and Maple Commuter Parking Lot. Students should plan on arriving at least a half hour to forty-five minutes prior to their class in order to find parking and give themselves enough time to get to class. The shuttle bus will pick up/drop off students at Maple Commuter Lot and the shuttle stop located along South University Ave. Please note that many students attempt to park in Maynard Lot and wait for a parking space to become available, when there are usually parking spaces available in Maple Commuter Lot. Please make yourself familiar with the location and procedure in order to utilize the Commuter Overflow Parking Area: The Bowditch Field Overflow Parking area provides an additional 125 parking spaces to commuter students when and if all other commuter lots are filled to capacity (usually only occurs within the first few weeks of each semester). Bowditch Field is located on Walnut Street in Framingham, less than one-quarter mile from the FSU Union Avenue Resident Student Parking Lot. If you utilize this area at Bowditch Field you must walk to the Union Avenue Parking Lot to catch the shuttle bus back to campus. DO NOT PARK IN THE UNION AVENUE PARKING LOT. YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE TICKETED AND/OR TOWED AT THE OWNER'S EXPENSE.

Where do I apply the parking decal on my car?

Answer: On the driver's side rear window (usually the small triangular rear window).

What happens if I get a new car or my car is in the shop? What do I do about parking then?

Answer: If you have a new car, be certain to write down the decal number and then scrape the decal off of the window (even if it comes off in small pieces). Bring both the decal number and the old decal in to the University Police station. You will need to fill out another decal application card with the new vehicle information (vehicle registration, make, model) and we will provide you with a new decal. If your vehicle is going into the shop for repairs and you are going to be utilizing another vehicle for a short period of time, we will provide you with a temporary parking pass for that time frame. You must have the registration information of the vehicle you will be utilizing while your car is being fixed.

Are students allowed to park on upper campus late at night? 

Answer: No. Students are allowed to park their cars in their assigned lot only. Commuter and resident students cannot be parked on upper campus at night. Vehicles parked anywhere other than the lot they are assigned to be parked in, will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.

Are students allowed to park on upper campus on the weekends?

Answer: Yes. Students can park in Maynard Parking Lot ONLY from Friday Evening at 4:00pm through Sunday night at 11:00pm with any resident/commuter parking sticker. Students are never allowed to park in faculty/staff parking lots. Vehicles parked in violation of this policy, will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.



PAY BY PHONE: 1-855-707-9740


Payment must be made by Check or Money Order. Write your Ticket number and Plate number on the front of your Check or Money Order to ensure proper credit.

 Pay and Mail to:

Framingham State University

Processing Center 

PO Box 2085

Tarrytown NY 10591-9085

PAY IN PERSON: At the office of the Parking Clerk, located across from Pierce Hall mailroom, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm. No cash/Only Certified Check or Money Order, made payable to Framingham State  University. Important: If ticket has been reported to the RMV, payment must be made in full before the Registry release forms are available through the Parking Clerks Office. 

**Note - these fields are mandatory, if you do not know what value to put in these fields please contact the Parking Clerk's Office (508-626-4526 or for instructions before continuing.  

What happens if I do not pay my parking tickets?

Answer: The state and town tickets issued by our police department are both very real. Failure to pay ticket fees will result in accrual of late fees on the original amount owed, as well as the ticket(s) being turned over to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The registry will not allow a person to renew their license or vehicle registration once this occurs.

Appeal Instructions

All appeals must be submitted in writing on the required form or online within 21 days of the ticket's issue date Submit your reason for appeal along with supporting documentation. All decisions of the Hearing Officer are final.

Appeal Online:

Appeal In Person: Complete the required form available in the Parking Clerks Office or Campus Police Office.

Appeal by Mail: Mail your appeal form along with supporting documentation to:

Framingham State University

Processing Center

PO Box 2085

Tarrytown, NY 10591-9085

**Note - these fields are mandatory, if you do not know what value to put in these fields please contact the Parking Clerks Office (508-626-4526 or for instructions before continuing. 

How can I obtain medical parking?

Answer: Written proof from a physician showing the need for special medical parking must be provided to the FSU Health Services Department. Health Services will decide whether or not your situation fits the appropriate criteria for medical parking. Medical parking does not allow you to park in handicapped parking spaces. Medical parking is located in Maple Commuter Lot, where the shuttle bus picks up and drops off.

When is the University Police Department open for business?

Answer: We are a fully operational police department that is here to protect and serve you 24 hours a day/seven days a week/all year. PLEASE REMEMBER TO REPORT ALL SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY TO THE UNIVERSITY POLICE IMMEDIATELY at 508-626-4911 or ext. 4911 from an on-campus phone.

Framingham State University

100 State Street

PO Box 9101

Framingham, MA 01701-9101


Phone: 508-620-1220