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Identify skills you want to use in the future. What skill or job task do you want to do more? What do you want to do less?

What experiences have you enjoyed so far? When have you been happiest at work? When have you been frustrated at work?

Identify and leverage transferable skills to build a bridge to the next career step. We can help identify the skills used in one environment that may translate to another.

Conduct informational interviews to learn about potential new career options. This is not a job interview but is an opportunity to learn from others and ask about Advice, Information, and Referrals (AIR).

Meet with one of our career counselors to develop a career plan. We are here to help address the questions and challenges of career changing and looking for the next career step. We also help you develop job search tools, such as resumes, cover letters, and prepare for interviews.

Target your resume to specific industries and opportunities. You may have more than one resume to target opportunities in multiple industries. We can provide feedback and ideas with this process.

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