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  • To determine course content and general methods of teaching.
  • To make informed decisions about how to best adapt their teaching and assessment methods to accommodate all students.
  • To ensure that the standards in their courses are not lowered or compromised.
  • To request a written agreement before allowing the student to tape record a class. (Forms available in the Office of Academic Support.)
  • To expect students to adhere to the College’s code of conduct regardless of disability or impairment.
  • To use CASA as a testing center for extended time exams.
  • To challenge an accommodation if the accommodation would result in a fundamental alteration of the program or if the accommodation would result in undue financial or administrative burden.


  • To acknowledge that students who present Documentation Confirmation have provided adequate and appropriate documentation to the Office of Academic Support.
  • To respect student confidentiality with regard to specifics of their disability.
  • To assume shared responsibility in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • To refer students who present medical statements directly to the instructor to the Office of Academic Support.
  • To refuse academic accommodations unless in receipt of a Documentation Confirmation form from the Office of Academic Support.
  • To include a “Reasonable Accommodation” statement on the course syllabus.

For further information, please contact Ms. LaDonna Bridges, Director of Academic Support, at 508-626-4906 or

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