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Upon admission to the University and not less than two weeks prior to the start of classes, students who want to access services must self-identify and provide appropriate verification of their disability to the Office of Academic Support in the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA). Documentation will be reviewed and eligibility for reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be determined on an individual basis.

The Director of Academic Support is responsible for evaluating the documentation submitted by the student. If further evaluation is needed, the Dean of Students also will review the documentation. All documentation must be current within three years of the date of enrollment for learning disabilities and AD/HD and current within six months for psychiatric impairments; all documentation must be provided by a qualified practitioner. The documentation will be retained in a confidential Registry for Students with Disabilities at CASA and will be accessible only to those making decisions regarding accommodations.

Following review of documentation, students who are requesting accommodations must meet with the Director of Academic Support in a timely manner before starting at Framingham State College and within in two weeks of the start of each enrolled semester thereafter. Students must complete an Academic Support Request form during or before the initial meeting. Since some services require advance notice to arrange, sufficient lead time is necessary to ensure that modifications or auxiliary aids are available by the start of classes. Students with physical disabilities must give adequate notice to arrange accessible classrooms, to hire signing interpreters, or to obtain textbooks in an alternative format. 

At the request of the student, the Director of Academic Support will provide Documentation Confirmation for faculty which confirms appropriate accommodations. Students with learning or other disabilities who require classroom or exam accommodations should meet with faculty as early as possible, but no later than two weeks after classes begin, to discuss arrangements for the semester. If, at any point, an instructor expresses concern about the academic accommodations stated in the Documentation Confirmation, the student is responsible for contacting the Director of Academic Support immediately.

For further information, please contact Ms. LaDonna Bridges, Director of Academic Support, at 508-626-4906 or

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