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  • To establish fundamental program and course standards and to evaluate each student’s performance against these standards.
  • To request and receive documentation that supports academic accommodations.
  • To deny a request for academic accommodations if documentation is not provided or if documentation fails to demonstrate that accommodations are needed.
  • To select among equally effective modifications to meet a student’s academic needs.
  • To refuse an unreasonable modification or one that poses undue administrative or financial hardship on the college.


  • To prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities.
  • To reduce or eliminate physical, academic and attitudinal barriers.
  • To provide reasonable accommodations.
  • To maintain the strictest of student confidentiality.
  • To assist students in self-advocacy.
  • To guide students to resources that might assist them.
  • To communicate with students in a way that maintains dignity and respect.
  • To serve as a liaison between faculty and students with disabilities.

For further information, please contact Ms. LaDonna Bridges at 508-626-4906 or

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