CELTSS Steering Committee for AY 2014-15:

Joseph Adelman, History
Ben Alberti, Sociology
Robert Alter, Communication Arts
Emmanouil Apostolidis, Chemistry and Food Science
Karen Druffel, Director
Mary Grassetti, Education
Changyong (Andrew) Jung, Computer Science
Francis Kemegue, Business Administration
Christopher Latimer, Political Science
Tim McDonald, Art & Music
Larry McKenna, Physics and Earth Science
Virginia Noon, Fashion Design and Retailing
Lynn Parker, English
Ruth Remington, Nursing
Sandra Rothenberg, Library
Nic Sedlock, Mathematics
Janet Schwartz, Food and Nutrition
Claudia Springer, Assistant Director

Non-Voting Steering Committee Members:

Robin Robinson, Educational Technology Office
Ira Silver, Director of Mentoring


Events Ben Alberti
Manos Apostolodis
Karen Druffel
Lynn Parker
Robin Robinson
Funding Karen Druffel
Christopher Latimer
Larry McKenna
Ruth Remington
Janet Schwartz
Lyceum & Distinguished Faculty Bob Alter
Karen Druffel
Sandra Rothenberg
Nic Sedlock
Programming Joseph Adelman
Andrew Jung
Francis Kemegue
Tim McDonald
Claudia Springer
Student Poster & Presentation Day Karen Druffel
Virginia Noon
Ruth Remington
Website Karen Druffel
Lynn Parker
Claudia Springer
Ad Hoc -
Funding form revision
Mary Grassetti

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