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AY 14-15 Funding CLOSED

Please submit your request for funding using the online application
found by clicking on CELTSS Funding in the menu on the left.
We can consider only requests for the current academic year (9/1/14
through 6/30/15) or those expected 7/1/15 to 8/31/15.

Please verify your request includes narrative that clearly describes
the project and its benefit, and identifies specific outcomes.  In
addition to the narrative, include a timeline and a detailed budget.
If you are requesting funding for part of a long term project,
please provide time and budget estimates for the entire project.
Incomplete requests will be returned for revision for the next
funding round.

When CELTSS recommends a request for funding, the request
is sent to Academic Affairs for approval.  Academic Affairs will
provide a letter for all approved requests; the Business Office
requires the letter before your expenses can be reimbursed.

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