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AY 14-15 Funding CLOSED

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Note: Amounts are maximum awards per category

Note: Applications require notification of chair

Proposal Checklist
The CELTSS Funding committee is happy to receive many requests for funding. In order to more fairly allocate limited funds, we can consider only those requests that are complete at the time of the funding deadline. Please review the checklist below to ensure your application is complete. We cannot review incomplete applications.

Proposal narrative
-Budget (itemized). All applications except Course Releases must include the attached Budget Form
-Materials used to describe program (agendas, brochures, copy of work being presented) or project
-Travel justification (if distant travel, see description)
-Chair notification
-Year end report for CELTSS funding received during the previous year is attached

Project title and abstract


Please complete all sections

Narrative description of project with complete rationale for funding in terms of need and professional development (2 pages)

CELTSS Budget Form

All CELTSS funding is administered by the College’s business office and is therefore subject to college policy. For travel please follow routine procedures for travel reimbursement. Visit for information and forms on Faculty/Staff travel. Please complete the portion of the budget form that applies to you, if a section does not apply please indicate NA.

Travel Costs
Personal Car



Luggage Fees

Rental Car

Fuel (only applies to rental car)

Taxis/ground transportation


Hotel Parking

Hotel Other


Conference Fees

Other Project Costs
Materials/Equipment (note: all materials purchased with CELTSS funding are property of FSU)

Postage/office supplies/photocopying

Wages (student assistants, secretarial support)


Minus departmental or other funds*


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