Apply to present a LYCEUM LECTURE:
See details at Events, Lyceum Lecture

AY 13-14 Funding Deadlines:

September 9 (all course releases)
September 30
November 12
February 24 (pending available funds)

Steps to apply for funding for student travel.

1.  Email Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad the reason you would like the
    student to travel to a conference.

2.  Include a simple budget that lists each of the costs:
    Plane fare, hotel, conference fee, food etc.

3.  If Dr. Vaden-Goad approves, Katelyn Christopher will email the
    faculty member and the department secretary.  She will provide
    the funding (FOAPAL) information the secretary will need for the student
    travel forms.

Please contact Meghan Maxfield at with
any questions.

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