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AY 14-15 Funding CLOSED

The Office of Academic Affairs provides funds for faculty and librarian
professional development based upon recommendation from CELTSS.

Funding is available in several categories:
course release, innovation in teaching, in-service program
development, research materials and assistants,
support for writing small grants,and travel expenses reimbursement.

See Apply for Funding for more information about how to request

Although CELTSS can evaluate and recommend requests for
funding, all requests must be approved by the Office of Academic
Affairs before funding is disbursed.

All three rounds of funding have been completed for AY14-15.
Deadlines for AY15-16 will be posted shortly.

Course releases will be available for AY15-16.

We will have three rounds of funding for travel, research, innovation
and advising. To support as many faculty as possible, we will fund up
to $1500.00 per person per year.  If unused funds are available in
Round 3 they will become available to people who have
already received the maximum.  If you submit requests that total
more than $1500.00, please indicate which has priority.

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