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Spring Lyceum Lecture

On April 9, 2015, Dr. Susan Massad, Department of Food and Nutrition, presented the spring Lyceum Lecture on "Food, Agriculture, and Water Rights: Report from the West Bank, Palestine."

2015 Spring Lyceum

Dr. Susan Massad shared her experience from the West Bank
of Palestine, where she spent her sabbatical on a Fulbright Specialist
grant last year. There she studied food and agriculture in a small
country where olive harvesting is the mainstay of the agricultural
system, and farms are much smaller than the large industrial farms
in the United States. Safeguarding an adequate food and water
source is the core of the Palestinian struggle. Prior to the 1967 war
in which Israel gained sole control of Jerusalem and set up military
administrations in the occupied territories, agriculture made up
approximately 35% of Palestine’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Currently, it only accounts for about 6%. Despite the political and
economic challenges, issues of water control, property disputes, and
uprooting of olive trees, farmers supply some of the healthiest food
in the world. International organizations like the World Food
Program, the UN Relief and Works Agency, and the Palestine Fair
Trade Association work toward a common goal of improving the
lives of Palestinians in general, and for the food and agriculture
sector in particular.

Fall Lyceum Lecture

In addition to being “great reads” that still frighten us today, Victorian ghost stories and supernatural literature reflect the growing apprehension that Victorians felt in response to rapidly shifting cultural boundaries, such as changes in religion, new scientific theories, and advancing technology. Examining the Victorian fascination with the spectral encourages us to consider the ways in which our contemporary culture’s obsession with the supernatural may mark a similar discomfort with fast-paced social change.

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