Faculty News
January 2014

Dr. Jesse Marcum
recently co-authored a book chapter entitled “UV photophysics of DNA and RNA nucleotides in vacuo: Dissociation channels, time scales, and electronic spectra.” This chapter appeared in the book Photophysics of Ionic Biochromophores. Here is a web link for the book http://www.springer.com/chemistry/physical+chemistry/book/978-3-642-40189-3. This book is a first comprehensive overview of the how a large number of biological molecules absorb light and how they use or dispose of the absorbed energy.

Dr. Marcum also was recently selected to participate in an upcoming workshop on Computational and Theoretical Chemistry. This workshop is part of a series funded by the National Science Foundation through the Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops, & Communities of Scholars (cCWCS) program. The cCWCS program provides a unique opportunity for building communities of scholars, particularly for faculty and others involved in undergraduate education in the chemical sciences.
Dr. Argyroula Stamatopoulou was recently selected by the Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops, & Communities of Scholars (cCWCS) Program to participate in the workshop “Chemical Education: Supporting Student Laboratory Learning.”

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