Visual Communications Concentration


The concentration provides students with a strong theoretical background in communications, as well as a broad-based and traditional aesthetic (art oriented) framework. Within these contexts, students will be able to work with current technologies involving computer graphics, multimedia design, and photography. Facilities include a Mac Lab, a Photography Lab, and an Animation Lab. 



 Concentration requirements (12 courses):


ARTH 273 Modern Art History

COMM 200 Introduction to Computer Graphic Design

COMM 208 Basic Photography

COMM 405 Senior Portfolio in Visual Communications

COMM 495 Internship in Communication Arts

Choose one (1) of the following:

COMM 210 History of Photography

COMM 338 Advanced Visual Communications


Choose five (5) of the following:

COMM 225 Interactive Design

COMM 270 Advertising Techniques

COMM 272 Photography and Architecture

COMM 315 Color Slide Imagery

COMM 316 Advanced Multimedia Design

COMM 327 Computer Animation Techniques

COMM 330 Advanced Photography

Choose one (1) of the following:

ARTS 202 Two-Dimensional Design

ARTS 211 Drawing I
ARTS 301 Color Theory

ARTS 330 Digital Art
ARTS 356 Illustration

ARTS 361 Graphic Design I

ARTS 404 Graphic Design II

CSCI 108 HTML, JavaScript Programming, and Web Site Development

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