Visual Media Production Concentration

The broader goals of the concentration are to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the theories and aesthetics of moving images and sound. Students who matriculate through the concentration are well prepared for careers in media writing, television, film, and corporate media production, and media criticism. Course sequences build upon each other enabling students to increase their level of sophistication and practical experience. Facilities include a three-camera television studio, film and video editing suites, along with two audio recording labs.

Concentration requirements (13 courses):

COMM 208 Basic Photography
COMM 226 Writing for Visual Media
COMM 262 Studio Production I
COMM 266 Field Production I
COMM 280 Introduction to Film Production
COMM 312 Screen & Teleplay Writing
COMM 362 Studio Production II
COMM 366 Field Production II
COMM 495 Internship in Communication Arts

Two (2) film studies courses
Two (2) of the following:
COMM 200 Introduction to Computer Graphic Design
COMM 212 Drama Workshop
COMM 220 Principles of Mass Communication
ENGL 225 Introduction to Journalism

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