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CSCI 340 - CSCI 360

CSCI 340 UNIX™ System Administration

A comprehensive coverage of UNIX™ system administration and management. Topics include system setup, booting and shutdown, management of user accounts, file systems, disk management and serial device management, backup and restore, print and network configuration, security, system logs, performance monitoring, and maintenance.
Prerequisite: CSCI 258 Introduction to Operating Systems Using UNIX™.

CSCI 345 Computer & Network Security
A detailed study of the concepts and principles of computer and network security. Topics may include: physical and organizational security, cryptography, public key infrastructure, system and services security, networking fundamentals and protocols, worms and viruses, attacks, prevention, detection and recovery, law, ethics, and privacy. The Windows and UNIX operating systems are used for illustrations.
Prerequisite: CSCI 258 Introduction to Operating Systems Using UNIX™.

CSCI 347 Analysis of Algorithms
A presentation of asymptotic time and space complexity of sequential and parallel algorithms, using big-O and related notation. Complexity classes P and NP (tractable and intractable problems) and verification of algorithms by formal methods are also discussed.
Prerequisites: CSCI 271 Data Structures and MATH 292 Discrete Mathematics I.

CSCI 352 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
An introduction to digital logic components, their organization in computer systems, and assembly language programming. Topics include gates and flip-flops, register transfer, and CPU design; memory organization, I/O interfaces, and the interrupt system; representation of data, addressing modes, CPU instructions and pseudo-instructions, assembly language, and the organization of low-level software to control the computer.
Note: Students cannot receive credit for this course if they have taken 63.355 Computer Architecture.
Prerequisite: CSCI 271 Data Structures

CSCI 360 Database Management
A comprehensive coverage of database concepts, design, and implementation. Topics include systems analysis, data modeling, relational databases, logical design, normalization, user interfaces, query processing including SQL, database administration, security, backup and restore, and performance evaluation. Popular databases are referenced. Note: Students cannot receive credit for both CSCI 360 Database Management and CSCI 467 Data Base Management Systems.
Prerequisite: CSCI 152 Computer Science I Using Java.

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