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Academic Advising
Continuing Education advisors are available to answer questions you may have about taking a course or enrolling in a program at Framingham State University. This service is free of charge. Call 508-626-4540 to make an appointment.

Athletic and Recreation Center

The Athletic and Recreation Center is open free of charge to all Framingham State University students enrolled in at least two credit courses (8 semester hours). You must present a valid Framingham State University student ID to use the facility. Refer to Student ID's for more information. Telephone: 508-626-4614.

   Athletic and Recreation Hours


Auditing Classes

Students may only audit classes with the consent of the instructor. Audited courses will be officially reported on the student's transcript, but no credit will be awarded. Auditors may not actively participate in coursework. Online classes may not be audited. The cost for auditing a course is $714 at the undergraduate level and $741 at the graduate level. An audit must be requested prior to the third class meeting.



The University Bookstore is located in the Athletic Center. The bookstore sells and rents the textbooks required for your classes. Students can also purchase school supplies, clothing and gifts at the bookstore. Please call the Bookstore at 508-626-4595 or order books online.

   Bookstore Hours


Campus Security

The Department of Public Safety and Police Services has primary responsibility for security on the campus. The Department works closely with the entire University community to ensure that programs and services are systematically coordinated to promote and enhance a safe environment. The safety and security policies developed at Framingham State University are designed to enhance the safety and security of each member of our community.

Please take all possible steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others on campus. Please refrain from preventing doors from locking by placing items such as rocks or soda cans in doorways. Always lock your car door and never walk alone after dark. Safety on campus will be assured if all individuals and groups support practices that promote a safe campus environment.

The Department of Public Safety and Police Services is located in the D. Justin McCarthy Center.

To receive a copy of the Framingham State University "Parking Rules and Regulations" bulletin, call the Department of Public Safety and Police Services at 508-626-4911 or visit the Campus Police Web site.

Daytime commuter students are required to park in the Maple Street and Maynard Road lots. Evening students are permitted to park in the following areas only after 5:00pm, in addition to the Maple Street and Maynard Road commuter lots: O’Connor Hall (rear of O’Connor –DO NOT park in spaces marked reserved). Students are advised not to park in the D. Justin McCarthy Center Visitor Lot. DGCE students whose classes occur at any time other than 5:30pm – 10:30pm must follow the daytime student parking rules for commuters. Vehicles not parked in compliance with University rules and regulations will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Automobile Registration and Decals
All students must have a valid parking decal displayed on their vehicles. DGCE students must obtain a parking decal from the Department of Public Safety and Police Services, located in the D. Justin McCarthy Center. Students must present their course registration receipt and complete the application for a parking decal. Vehicles not bearing a Framingham State University parking decal will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Career Services

Career Services, located on the fourth floor of the D. Justin McCarthy Center, can assist you with career planning and decision-making throughout your time at Framingham State University. Career counseling is available by appointment to help you consider your options; clarify your values, skills, and interests; obtain career-related experience; and develop job-seeking skills.

Wondering how to get started in your job search? Thinking about an internship? Have questions about your resume? Want to sharpen your interviewing skills? We can help you with these activities, and more.

Job and Internship Listings can be found at New full-time and part-time jobs, internships, and summer positions are added daily, so check regularly.

Career Services can also be reached at 508-626-4625.

Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA)

The Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), located at Peirce Hall Annex, offers free, comprehensive educational support services to all Framingham State University students. Tutors are available in mathematics, writing and several subject areas. For details, call 508-626-4509 or visit the CASA web site.


D. Justin McCarthy Center

The D. Justin McCarthy Center houses the Offices of Career Services, the Mazmanian Art Gallery, Public Safety & Police Services, the cafeteria, and several lounges for studying and meetings.



The McCarthy Center Marketplace
Located in the D. Justin McCarthy Center, The McCarthy Center Marketplace is the place to grab a quick meal, snack or cup of coffee. Cash, credit, RAM cash, and Flex dollars are accepted.

   Dining Hours

The Juice Bar

Located in the Athletic Center, the Juice Bar offers a large selection of freshly brewed coffees, bottle beverages, smoothies and snacks. Cash, credit, RAM cash, and Flex dollars are accepted.

   Dining Hours

The Starbucks Cafe

Located in the Main Lobby of the D. Justin McCarthy Center, The Cyber Cafe proudly brews STARBUCKS® coffee and espresso beverages. Other popular favorites include TAZO® Chai Tea, CREAMICE® iced lattes and mochas, and a delectable selection of pastries and snacks. Cash, Credit, RAM CASH, and Dining Dollars are accepted.

   Dining Hours

Whittemore Cafe

Located adjacent to the Library Lobbey, the Whittemore Cafe is a great place to grab a snack and beverage while studying. Featuring Red Barn Coffee Roasters®, assorted snacks, chips and soft drinks. Cash, Credit Cards, Dining Dollars and RAM cash are accepted.

   Dining Hours



Directions to Framingham State University and a campus map are available online. The Office of Continuing Education office is located in Dwight Hall, Room 204.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office at Framingham State University assists students in meeting the costs of a college education. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be filed if you want to apply for aid (the FSU code is 002185). Matriculation in a degree program is required for eligibility. Federal regulations require students who receive Federal or State financial aid to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students receiving financial aid should refer any questions or concerns about their academic progress to the Financial Aid Office. For graduate students, the only financial aid available through the Financial Aid Office is the Federal Stafford Student Loan. Students must attend at least two courses in order to be eligible for this loan. Most courses taken at an off-site location are not eligible for aid. Additional information is available on the Financial Aid website – or by contacting the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Center, D. Justin McCarthy Center Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm; telephone 508-626-4534.

Health Insurance

If you are enrolling in at least three courses (12 credit hours) in DGCE, the day university or combination of both, you must complete and sign the "Student Health Insurance Plan Request for Waiver" and return it with your registration or enroll in the University Sponsored Health Insurance Program. For more information contact Health Services at 508-626-4900 or Student Accounts at 508-626-4514.

Immunization and Health Forms

All full-time students (12 credit hours or more), and all health science majors are required to provide immunization records to Health Services. Forms can be obtained from Health Services or DGCE.


The Henry Whittemore Library provides a combination of traditional and modern resources and services to the University’s students, faculty, and staff. The Library holds approximately 205,000 print materials, 336 periodical titles, and 670,850 microform items. Through its online resources and its membership in the Minuteman Library Network, it offers access to extensive additional materials including over 70,000 electronic journals. Library staff provide research support and instruction for students. The Library houses a Curriculum Library and Special Collections. For more information, visit or call 508-626-4650.


   Library Hours

Use of Library Services Using Technology

Students taking classes through Continuing Education, whether matriculated or not, can get access to the Framingham State University library using the Internet. To do so, email By return mail you will receive a bar code number. This number will allow you to access the University library while enrolled.

Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of Framingham State University not to discriminate in education or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, or national origin. The University operates under an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Plan, approved by the Board of Higher Education and the University’s Board of Trustees that promotes and maintains a policy of nondiscrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action. The University encourages people of color, women, and persons with disabilities to participate in all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the University community. Inquiries or advice concerning discrimination and the application of these policies, laws and regulations may be referred to the Ms. LaDonna Bridges, Framingham State University, 100 State Street, PO Box 9101, Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), Framingham, Massachusetts 01701-9101, Telephone number 508-626-4627 (V/TTY) or to the Affirmative Action Officer at 508-626-4530, Room 207 in Dwight Hall. Further inquiries may be made to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Placement Testing for Undergraduates: Reading, Writing and Mathematics

In order to ensure that students enroll in courses that match their individual skill and preparation levels, the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education has mandated that all new undergraduate students take placement tests in reading, writing and mathematics. Framingham State University uses the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension test, the Elementary Algebra test, and the Writing Test, which are administered by computer. Placement testing is required of all entering DGCE students who are matriculated in an undergraduate program unless you have:

  • transfer credits in college-level English or math.
  • taken the ACCUPLACER test at another institution.
  • a score over 500 on the SAT – Critical Reading to waive the reading test.
  • a score over 600 on the SAT – Critical Reading to waive the reading and writing test.

The University's Placement Testing Coordinator will notify you by mail about your individual placement testing requirements. Students have the opportunity to take the mandatory placement tests prior to the start of each semester. Tests are scheduled during daytime and evening hours and results are provided immediately. Retesting opportunities will also be available each semester. Note that students are only allowed one placement retake for mathematics. Your performance on the tests will determine the classes for which you may register. If test scores show deficiencies, you may require remedial level courses. If you have general questions about placement tests, call 508-626-4905 or e-mail

Student Help Desk

The Student Help Desk provides students with a first level of support for all computer related issues. The Technology Resource Center should only be used for advanced laptop troubleshooting and all problems with university owned laptops. The Technology Resource Center is located on the lower mezzanine of the Whittemore Library.

   Helpdesk Hours

To contact the Student Help Desk from on campus call extension 5906. If you are off campus, please call 508-215-5906.

Student ID's

A student ID is required to use computer labs; to borrow library books; to use reserve readings in the library; and to use the Athletic and Recreation Center.

Photographs for student IDs will be taken at the ID office located on the street level (rear) of the D. Justin McCarthy Center, Room 100A aside the Campus Police. A photo ID is required to obtain a student ID.

Students with Disabilities

Framingham State University, in compliance with the mandates of Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, offers opportunities to all students without regard to disabilities. No qualified person shall, on the basis of his or her disability, be denied the benefit of, or otherwise be subject, to discrimination under any of the University's educational programs, activities, and employment opportunities. The University is committed to making reasonable modifications and accommodations to ensure that its programs and activities do not discriminate, or have the effect of discriminating, on the basis of disability. Prior to matriculation, students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Office of Academic Support to discuss specific accommodations. Students who have documentation that support their request for academic support services, such as extended time for tests, notetakers, sign language interpreters, computer transcribers, and textbooks on tape are required to submit their documentation to the Office of Academic Support, located in the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA). The Director of Academic Support (508-626-4906) schedules individual conferences with each student to arrange for the appropriate support services. The Office of Academic Support works closely with the Office of Disability Services to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students.

There are four TTY's (telecommunications for the deaf) on campus: Admissions Office at 508-626-4500 (V/TTY); Disability Services Office at 508-626-4627 (V/TTY); Public Safety and Police Services at 508-626-4911 or 508-626-4008 (TTY); and Whittemore Library at 508-626-4655 (TTY).


Academic transcripts cost $3.00 each and may be ordered online (with Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express), by mail (credit card, personal check, or money order) or in person (credit card, personal check, money order, or cash) only through the Office of the Registrar, Dwight Hall Room 220. Faxed signatures are accepted for online orders only.

Transcripts may not be ordered via telephone, fax or email.

Weather Emergency

In the event of severe weather conditions or other emergency situations, notice of delayed openings or cancellation of classes will be broadcast on radio station WBZ-1030 AM and WBZ-TV Channel 4. Announcements will be made beginning at 6:00 a.m. You may also call (508) 626-4898 for a recorded weather message. Please do not call Campus Police.

Framingham State University

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