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The Graduate Certificate in Merchandising is offered through Graduate Studies and Continuing Education and the Department of Fashion Design and Retailing. The Certificate provides specialization for retail managers, merchandisers, fashion designers, educators, and those interested in the industry who already have an undergraduate degree. The program is completely online.

The Certificate is intended for individuals who are:

  • Employed in the field and need to enhance their theory knowledge and practical skills in specific areas relevant to their present position or future responsibilities.
  • Interested in studying merchandising but cannot commit to a long-term program of study or a master’s degree program at this time.

Admission requirements
Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. Interested individuals with backgrounds in a range of disciplines, including apparel design and fashion merchandising, can excel in the graduate certificate and are welcome to apply.

Prerequisite Course (1)
FASH 646  Fashion Merchandising: Process and Practice*

*If applicants have had college courses in textiles and retailing, or experience in the field, FASH 646 Fashion Merchandising: Process and Practice course may be waived.

Curriculum Requirements (5)
The following (5) courses are required:

FASH 916  Fashion and Retail Theory
FASH 927  Research Methods in Merchandising
FASH 936  Retailing and Consumerism
FASH 947  Global Market: Dynamics of Retailing
FASH 980  Retail Strategies and Merchandising Management

Contact Dr. Irene M. Foster for more information:


  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.

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