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CDI Funding Request

Please fill out this form to request funding from CDI. If you have any questions about this form, please email kmartinez2@framingham.edu. *Email funding requests will not be accepted*

The CDI Budget committee will meet on 11/7, 12/5,1/23,2/6, 3/13 and 4/10. You can expect a reply from the CDI Budget Committee regarding your request 5-7 business days after these meeting dates.

You can use the naming of your event or project to help to signal what the values are

Does your budget match your narrative? Make sure what you mention in your narrative is in your budget and vice-versa

Help us understand what you are doing, the schedule if you're planning an event, the spaces, collaborations/cosponsors, whatever helps us understand your project.

Read the CDI website to get a sense for how your project fits or expands activities supported by CDI.

Be specific, to show how you are thinking about small or large constituencies

We recommend that you send an email to the budget subcommittee just letting us know how your event went. we want to be able to do our job of spreading the word about yoru activities, and we also want to take the opportunity to learn from your experience to keep doing the kinds of thin that work!

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