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It is never too late to join CDI; we encourage students, faculty and staff to become members. If you have any questions about CDI, please contact CDI Co-Chairs Millie Gonzalez at vgonzalez@framingham.edu or John Santoro at jsantoro@framingham.edu.

To submit a request for funding to the budget subcommittee, send your proposal by the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

CDI has its own Twitter account. If you would like to publicize any events, activities or news related to diversity and inclusion on our campus or outside of our campus, email the information to bpierre@framingham.edu or vgonzalez@framingham.edu.

Diversity and Inclusion Research Guide
Access resources on diversity and inclusion through this online research guide.

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion assesses current practices regarding the recruitment and retention of diverse students and employees, including faculty.  Additionally, the Committee examines aspects of campus life, including programs, academic offerings, extracurricular clubs, and general culture of the University to assess whether the campus community is attractive to and welcoming of persons with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.  As a result of the information discovered, the Committee makes recommendations to the President for actions to be taken toward the overall goal of diversifying the campus community.   

Diversity can take many forms and is not limited to simply differences in race and ethnicity.  Whether our differences are measured by our religious beliefs, political interests, sexual orientation, social beliefs, intellectual beliefs, economic status, or disabilities, we have an obligation, as a public institution of higher learning, to provide an atmosphere where all feel respected and heard.   A campus that positively reflects the differences amongst its members should be an integral part of a student’s education.

As an institution that claims that “Diversity Strengthens Us,” Framingham State must ensure that its academic programs, cultural events and extra-curricular activities appeal to diverse students and employees.  Critical to the mission of diversifying the campus is the need to assess the current environment and to identify areas where diverse interests can be assimilated into the educational mission and culture of the campus.  This Committee examines the campus from all perspectives to determine what areas can and should be enhanced so that diversity can become a hallmark of the campus.  The intent is to ensure that there is room for all to feel respected in our community of learners.

The Committee manages the content of this Website.  We hope you find these resources helpful.  You can contact the Committee at diversity@framingham.edu.

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