PBTL Licensure Instructions

The list below will guide you through the steps you need to follow to apply for your license. Please make sure you complete all steps in the list. This will help ensure timely processing of your licensure application.

  • Complete the Endorsement Request Form. If you are currently student teaching, you will receive this form during your licensure workshop. If you've already completed student teaching, follow the instructions on the form linked below for returning it.
  • Order an official copy of your transcript from Framingham State University. On the request form, select Hold until current semester degrees or licensures have been posted. Request for the transcript to be sent to:

    FSU Education Department
    Dwight Hall 302
    Framingham State University
    100 State Street
    Framingham, MA 01702

    Please remember to print, sign, and submit the authorization form.

  • Order and submit an official, unopened copy of your transcript for your bachelor's degree to:

    FSU Education Department
    Dwight Hall 302

    Framingham State University
    100 State Street
    Framingham, MA 01702

    NOTE:  If you already hold a Preliminary license, DESE has your bachelor's degree transcript on file.  You do not need to submit a copy of this degree to the licensure officer.

  • Go to the Licensure area at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's web site. Click on the ELAR icon and establish an ELAR Profile for yourself if you don't already have one. Select the Create ELAR Profile link at the bottom left hand corner of the login box to get started.

  • Once your ELAR account is established, log on to your profile area and select the option to Apply for a new license. Follow the prompts to add your education information. Then, use the following to apply for your specific license:
    Field: Academic Teacher
    Select Field: <see table below>
    Level: <see table below>
    Type: Initial
    License Select Field Level
    Early Childhood PreK-2 Early Childhood PreK-2
    Elementary 1-6 Elementary 1-6
    Biology 5-8 Biology 5-8
    Biology 8-12 Biology 8-12
    Chemistry 8-12 Chemistry 8-12
    Earth Science 5-8 Earth Science 5-8
    English 5-8 English 5-8
    English 8-12 English 8-12
    French 5-12 French 5-12
    History 5-8 History 5-8
    History 8-12 History 8-12
    Spanish 5-12 Spanish 5-12
    Mathematics 5-8 Mathematics 5-8
    Mathematics 8-12 Mathematics 8-12
    Visual Art PreK-8 Visual Art PreK-8
    Visual Art 5-12 Visual Art 5-12

When asked which route you are following, select the option that indicates you've completed an approved baccalaureate (undergraduate) program. Complete the remaining screens to apply for your license.
  • Candidates completing approved programs after July 1, 2014, must apply for the Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement

  • If you've had a name change (e.g. marriage, divorce, other legal proceeding) while in (or after) your licensure program or the name on your undergraduate transcript is different than your current name, you must submit a name change form with appropriate documentation of the name change. Name Change Form (PDF document) 
The licensure officer endorses the applications of candidates who have completed all program requirements. The electronic endorsements are completed approximately four to five weeks after the graduation dates in May, August, December and January. To expedite your endorsement (and the licensing process at the DESE), please make sure you have set up your ELAR profile, applied for the license, and paid for the license by your graduation date. You are encouraged to do this during the final weeks of your program. Once endorsed, you will receive a confirmation letter via U.S. Mail as well as an email from DESE.

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