Early Childhood

Early Childhood Field Study II

This field study experience is part of EDUC 320 The Young Child: Emerging Literacy and it is completed in the Jeanne M. Canelli Child Development Lab on campus. Students participate in the Lab three hours per week for a minimum of 36 hours over the course of the semester. Licensing regulations for the Lab preschool require that students undergo a CORI check and a DSS background check.
Early Childhood Field Study II Application Packet

Early Childhood Field Study III

This experience is completed with two courses taken concurrently: EDUC 374 Early Childhood Curriculum: Mathematics and Science and EDUC 376 Early Childhood Curriculum: Reading, Social Studies and Special Needs. Students spend six hours per week in a first or second grade classroom in a non-charter public school for a minimum total of 72 hours over the course of the semester.
Early Childhood Field Study III Application Packet

Early Childhood Student Teaching 

The student teaching practicum is a full-time, full-semester experience in two different non-charter public schools classrooms. The first portion of the practicum, which lasts a minimum of 100 hours over approximately 5 weeks, is spent in a kindergarten classroom. The student teacher completes the second part of the experience, a minimum of 200 hours, in a first or second grade classroom. The early childhood student teaching practicum is offered both fall and spring semesters. In each setting, the student teacher is assigned to an early childhood classroom teacher who will serve as the Supervising Practitioner. The Supervising Practitioner must meet the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's requirements in order to serve in this capacity. Students are also supervised by a Program Supervisor--a FSU Education Department faculty member who visits the student in his or her classroom on a regular basis. The supervising practitioner and FSU faculty member provide feedback, support and evaluation of the student teacher.
Early Childhood Student Teaching      Application Packet

What Student Teaching Applicants Need to Know:

  1. Interviews
    Many schools require interviews before making a commitment to host a student teacher. If one is requested for you, we will ask you to:
    • pick up an interview packet in the Education Department Office (DH 302)
    • schedule an appointment for the interview with the host school contact.
  2. Practicum Equivalent
    If you are a PBTL candidate, are already teaching, and hope to complete your practicum where and while you are working, please make an appointment to speak with and obtain an application from Field Placement Coordinator Mrs. Shaw or PBTL coordinator Mr. Juan Rodriguez.
  3. Locations
    Please keep in mind that your choice districts must be within reasonable distance (within 30 minutes) for the FSU supervisors. Many supervisors must observe several candidates per day and return to FSU to teach class.
  4. PDS Essays
    Please get a second pair of eyes on your essay! As recently as last year, one of our student teachers was denied a placement as a result of a poorly written essay.

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