Major Requirements: Electives

Restricted Electives (5 courses):

Electives for the Environmental Science major should be selected in consultation with the student's advisor.

Two (2) Science courses from the following:
BIOL 232 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 335 Wildlife Biology
BIOL 336 Ornithology
BIOL 341 Marine Biology
BIOL 391 Tropical Ecology and Conservation: Field Study
EASC 241 Introduction to Meteorology
EASC 246 Oceanography
GEOL 231 Physical Geology
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics

Two (2) Policy and Planning courses from the following:
ANTH 161 Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 135 Introduction to Environmental Studies
GEOG 214 Spatial Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 225 Population, Food, and Global Development
GEOG 230 Geography of Natural and Man-Made Hazards
GEOG 316 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 328 Introduction to Remote Sensing
PHIL 234 Environmental Ethics
POSC 223 Bureaucratic Politics and Power
POSC 250 American Legal Systems
POSC 329 Public Policy Analysis

One (1) Communication course from the following:
COMM 107 Effective Speaking
COMM 328 Argumentation and Advocacy
ENGL 225 Introduction to Journalism
ENGL 372 Technical Writing
SOCI 130 Social Problems


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