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  • Always use a ladder when needed.  Do not make your own ladder by standing on chairs, desks, books, etc. Also, do not put ladders on top of anything but solid ground.
  • Choose the right ladder.  Use the right length ladder, neither too short nor too long.  Be sure it has safety feet.  Never stand on the top two steps of the ladder.  Preferably, stand no higher than the 4th rung from top.  This gives you the sides to catch yourself.
  • Check the condition of the ladder.  Watch for split side raining, missing or broken rungs, loose rungs, sharp edges, splinters, broken screws or bolts, etc.
  • Put the ladder in place, carefully.  Be sure the ladder has a firm footing with the ground.
  • Climb the ladder carefully.  Wear proper shoes with soles in good condition.  Always face the ladder when climbing or descending.
  • Never overreach. Move the ladder instead.  Don't lean out to sides, or stand on tip-toe.
  • Only one person should be on a ladder at any time.
  • When you carry a ladder, balance if very important.
  • Never lean a step ladder against a wall, step ladders are free standing only.
  • Fiberglass ladders are used for electrical work because they do not hold the electrical current.  You should never change light bulbs using an aluminum ladder.
  • If you are using a ladder over 10 feet, be sure someone is with you to "foot" the ladder and hand supplies when needed.

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