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Stormwater is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency , and soon will also be regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Framingham State University has catch basins on campus that lead to underground pipes, known as storm drains, that eventually run into the Town of Framingham. 

When land is paved, rain and snow can't soak into the ground.  Instead, this stormwater runoff flows over parking lots, streets, and sidewalks into these catch basins.  On its way to a catch basin, stormwater may pick up litter, car oil, pet waste, fertilizer, grass clippings, leaves, and other materials left on the sidewalks and streets.  This water usually goes directly to a body of water, such as the Sudbury River, without any treatment or cleaning.  So, whatever flows to the catch basins, will eventually show up in the river.  This polluted stormwater runoff can have adverse effects on plants, fish, animals and people.

To prevent possible pollution in the stormwater:

  • Never dump anything, including cigarette butts into a storm drain or catch basin.
  • Keep leaves and grass clippings out of streets.
  • Wash your vehicle at a car wash facility only, not outside.
  • Keep automobiles and gas powered lawn equipment well tuned so they are not dripping toxic fluids.
  • Gutters and rainspouts should drain into vegetation or gravel-filled areas - not directly onto paved surfaces.
  • Don't litter - oil, leaves, pet waste, grass clippings, cigarette butts end up in streams and rivers.
  • Never put oil or other chemicals down storm drains.

Additionally, do not block storm drains or catch basins with any refuse or debris.  If you notice any catch basins that are not flowing properly, please notify the Facilities Department.

If you have any questions about Stormwater Management, please call Maureen Bagge Fowler, in the Facilities Department at x4633 or contact her at

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