Required Electives

Restricted Electives (Five (5) courses):

Choose two (2) courses:

BIOL 232 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 335 Wildlife Biology
BIOL 336 Ornithology
BIOL 341 Marine Biology
BIOL 391 Tropical Ecology and Conservation: Field Study
EASC 241 Introduction to Meteorology
EASC 246 Oceanography
GEOL 231 Physical Geology
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics

Policy and Planning
Choose two (2) courses:

ANTH 161 Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 135 Introduction to Environmental Studies
GEOG 214 Geographical Techniques – Quantitative Methods
GEOG 225 Population, Food, and Global Development
GEOG 230 Geography of Natural and Man-Made Hazards
GEOG 316 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 328 Introduction to Remote Sensing
HIST 348 United States Environmental History
INTD 301 Water: Planning for the Future†
INTD 302 Coastal Issues Seminar: Science and Policy†
PHIL 234 Environmental Ethics
POSC 223 Bureaucratic Politics and Power
POSC 250 American Legal Systems
POSC 329 Public Policy Analysis

Choose one (1) course:

COMM 107 Effective Speaking
COMM 328 Argumentation and Advocacy
ENGL 225 Introduction to Journalism
ENGL 372 Technical Writing
SOCI 130 Social Problems

*Students may elect to take CHEM 107 Principles of Chemistry and CHEM 108 Principles of Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis. Students choosing this option must take CHEM 207 Organic Chemistry I as a Restricted Elective in the Science area.

†Consortium courses. These courses are offered at other colleges in the area and incur an additional fee.


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