Geography Courses for General Education

The General Education Requirement
All students must satisfy a general education requirement consisting of ten (10) courses outside of the major department. The General Education Domain III-C requirement (Global Competency, Ethical Reasoning, and/or Human Diversity) is satisfied through the completion of the Geography major. Non-Geography majors may select from the Geography courses below to satisfy Domain III-B or Domain III-C requirements.

Domain III-B courses:

GEOG 101 Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG 180 Native Americans: A Geographic and Legal Perspective

GEOG 211 Cultural Geography

Domain III-C courses:

GEOG 110 World Regional Geography

GEOG 165 Global Cities (see interdisciplinary linked course Greening Urban Climates)

GEOG 206 Political Geography

GEOG 222 Geographic Perspectives on Globalization

GEOG 250 Geography of the United States and Canada

GEOG 252 Geography of Europe

GEOG 253 Geography of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics

GEOG 254 Geography of Monsoon Asia

GEOG 255 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

GEOG 256 Geography of the Middle East

GEOG 257 Geography of Latin America

GEOG 290 Non-Western Regional Geography: Field Study

GEOG 291 Western Regional Geography: Field Study

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