Geography & Earth Science with Coordinate Major in Early Childhood or Elementary Education

The Geography Department sponsors the Interdisciplinary Major in Geography and Earth Science for students seeking licensure at the early childhood or elementary level. Twelve (12) courses are required for this major:

Five (5) Geography courses:

GEOG 101 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 110 World Regional Geography
A regional Geography course at the 200 level
Two (2) courses selected from the following:

  • GEOG 201 Economic Geography
  • GEOG 206 Political Geography
  • GEOG 211 Cultural Geography
  • GEOG 212 Geographic Perspectives on the Global Environment
  • GEOG 230 Geography of Natural and Man-made Hazards

Four (4) Earth Science courses:

ASTR 220 The Solar System
EASC 241 Introduction to Meteorology
GEOL 231 Physical Geology
GEOL 246 Oceanography

One (1) science course:
CHEM 103 General Chemistry

One (1) Mathematics course from the following:
Math 120* College Mathematics II
Math 117 Introduction to Statistics
Math 123 College Algebra
Math 200 Precalculus
Math 201 Intuitive Geometry
*Note: MATH 120 College Mathematics II is the required Mathematics course for all Elementary Coordinate Majors. It is the recommended Mathematics course for Early Childhood Coordinate Majors.

One (1) writing course from the following:
ENGL 225 Introduction to Journalism
ENGL 280 Persuasive Writing
ENGL 282 Creative Writing
ENGL 284 Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 286 Professional Writing

For information about requirements for the Coordinate Major in Early Childhood or Elementary Education, please see the Course Catalog.

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