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The Master of Education with a concentration in English will be banked as of July 1, 2013. Therefore, we will no longer accept applications from potential students for new admission or from former students for readmission to this program after that date.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires a minimum of ten (10) courses, which include three (3) core Education courses and seven (7) English courses. Students with limited undergraduate preparation in English may need additional courses in order to meet distribution requirements. English graduate courses require additional readings, including works of literary criticism, and an extensive independent research essay of at least 20 pages, rather than the shorter essay assignments required of undergraduate students. A written comprehensive examination is required as the student’s culminating experience. Students should meet with their advisor early in their program to plan long-term preparation for the exam and are required to meet with their advisor when they apply to take the exam. Students are encouraged to attend one of the exam preparation workshops. Those will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester.

Education Core Courses (3)
EDUC 991 Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice
EDUC 998 Language Development and Communication
EDUC 999 Research and Evaluation (recommended after completion
of three Content or Concentration courses)
English Concentration Courses (3)
ENGL 860 Critical Writing*
ENGL 890 The English Language*
ENGL 896 Seminar in Literature

*If either of these courses has been completed for an undergraduate or Post Baccalaureate Secondary Education Licensure program, another graduate English course must be substituted with written advisor approval to make up the seven (7) courses required.

Distribution Requirements (4)
At least four (4) additional 800 or 900 graduate level English courses approved, in writing, by the student’s advisor. 800-level courses are usually dual-enrolled with 300-or 400-level courses. 900-level courses are for graduate students only and are usually conducted in a seminar format. However, both 800- and 900- level literature courses are graduate level and thus presuppose experience with analytical reading, writing, and research and the ability to combine these in both formal and informal ways. Students should demonstrate a clear understanding of theoretical approaches, a mastery of research techniques though synthesis of material from a wide variety of sources, and an advanced ability to present complex ideas in both oral and written form. The culmination of the semester’s work us a substantial research essay.

Courses are to be selected so that the student’s graduate courses, along with their previous undergraduate courses, fulfill the distribution requirements of:

  1. Two courses in British literature: one group A, one group B.
  2. Two courses in American literature: group C.
  3. One course in Classical, Biblical or Renaissance Literature: group D.
  4. One course in Contemporary World Literature: group E.
  5. One course in composition at the graduate level

Note: refer to course descriptions for group A, B, C, D and E courses.

Coordinator: Dr. Lorretta Holloway, English
Advisor: Dr. Lorretta Holloway, English


  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Refer to appropriate catalog for Degree Requirements for prior years.

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