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The Master of Education with a concentration in History is banked. Therefore, we are no longer accepting applications from potential students for new admission to this program. The information on this page is for current students only.


Additional Information

Applicants must have completed 45 undergraduate semester hours of liberal arts courses including the following distribution of courses: 12 semester hours of Humanities and 18 semester hours of History.

Courses before Admission
Students may take up to two courses before being formally admitted into a graduate program. However, in order to be eligible for financial aid, you must be matriculated in a degree program and enrolled in at least two courses per semester.

Transfer Credit
Requests for a waiver of a program prerequisite or approval of transfer credit of an equivalent graduate course completed at another accredited college or university will be considered at the time of admission based on course descriptions and documentation submitted with the student’s application. Courses accepted in transfer must meet the academic criteria established by Framingham State University. A maximum of two (2) graduate courses may be accepted in transfer and applied toward a Framingham State University degree program.

Financial Aid
In order to be eligible for financial aid, you must be matriculated in a degree program and enrolled in at least two courses per semester. For more information visit the Framingham State University Financial Aid Office,, or call 508-626-4534.

International Students
Most Framingham State University graduate programs are part-time and therefore do not satisfy the fulltime requirement for the F-1 visa.

TOEFL scores are required of applicants seeking admission from non-English speaking countries. The TOEFL may be waived if the applicant has successfully completed at least two full academic years in a college/university in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australian, New Zealand or Canada.

Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a Credit Evaluation service and translated into English.

Application materials such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, test score reports and copies of teaching licenses should be mailed directly to:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Framingham State University
Dwight Hall, Room 209
100 State Street, PO Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101


  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Applications remaining incomplete for over one year will be discarded.


Framingham State University

100 State Street

PO Box 9101

Framingham, MA 01701-9101


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