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Photo of Greg HalfondDr. Gregory Halfond
Coordinator and Advisor Assistant Professor

B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Dr. Halfond is the author of the book, The Archaeology of Frankish Church Councils, AD 511-768 (Leiden: Brill, 2010) and several scholarly articles. He teaches a variety of history courses, both graduate and undergraduate.  

Dr. Jon HuiJon Huibregtsebregtse
Associate Professor
B.A., M.A.,University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Ph.D., University of Akron

Dr. Huibregtse teaches a variety of history courses.

Joseph Harrington Dr. Joseph Harrington
Visiting Professor

B.S., Boston College; M.A., Ph.D., Georgetown University

Joseph Harrington, Professor Emeritus, has taught at Framingham State since 1966. His publications include four books, two on American-Romanian relations one of which was translated into Romanian, over 60 articles in national and international journals. He also presented over 60 papers at national and international symposiums. 2003 recipient of the Kidger Award presented by the New England History Teachers’ Association in recognition of being that year’s outstanding college and university professor in greater New England.  He was president of the Society for Romanian Studies, a Fellow at the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University, member of the Kennedy Library Academic Advisory  Council, editor of The New England Journal of History, and The Creative Child and Adult Quarterly,  was president of the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education, and founder and President of J.C. Enrichment Programs, Inc., a non-profit corporation which operates College Academy and College Gate, summer enrichment programs for bright children in grades k-8 now in its 32nd year. He is listed in Who’s Who in America. 

Core Education Faculty

Peter DittamiDr. Peter Dittami
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Peter Dittami received a bachelor's degree with a focus on elementary education from Worcester State College, a masters degree in the education of the blind from Boston College, and a doctorate in  educational foundations and administration from Boston University. He served seven years as an instructor, initially of blind children and adults, and later as a fifth and sixth grade classroom teacher, and was employed as an elementary school principal for more than thirty years.

After retiring as school principal, Dr. Dittami served as Coordinator of Educational Field Placements at Framingham State University for more than six years before becoming Coordinator of the Dual Enrollment Program, a part-time position that he currently holds.

Dr. Dittami is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Framingham State University where he has taught various graduate courses focusing on the educational foundations of history, philosophy, psychology, research, and sociology for twenty-two years. He has been associated with Framingham State University International Education Program since 1995 teaching courses in Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Italy, and Ukraine and serving on the Advisory Board.

Dr. Dittami serves on the Board of Directors of the Framingham State University Foundation and on the Advisory Board of the Framingham State University John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition. He is currently pursuing historical research related to the expansion of public education in nineteenth century United States.

Father James Flynn Reverend James B. Flynn, Ph.D.

Reverend James B. Flynn teaches Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice in the graduate program in Education. His BA in philosophy was awarded from Catholic University of America, in addition, he has an MA from the same institution in Theology. Finally, he has an MED from Boston College in Education and his  doctorate was likewise earned at Boston College. His special interests are the Philosophy and History of Education. His thesis is the educational philosophy of Antonio Rosmini Serbati. Dr. Serbati was an Italian Philosopher of Education. Reverend Flynn translated his foundational work from Italian to English, and compared and contrasted his theory of education with John Dewey, the American Philosopher of Education. In addition, Reverend Flynn studied under Lawrence Kohlberg with special attention to his cognitive-developmental theory of moral education. Finally, he is a pastor of St. Matthew Church in Southborough. Likewise, he is the senior counselor at Holy Name High  School in  Worcester, Massachusetts.

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