Open only to educators/professionals living and working overseas.It does not have any attachments such as licensure.

The Master of Education with a concentration in International Teaching presents a unique opportunity for educators living and working abroad to advance both academically and professionally while working in overseas assignments. The program is designed to provide a quality education to English-speaking teachers in Central America, South America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.Courses are provided in a condensed format supported by prior readings, and culminate in a final project.

Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. The applicant should have a preferred quality point average of at least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.

Degree Requirements
The degree requires eight (8) core courses and one (1) elective.
As a culminating experience, each matriculated student in the
International Teaching Program will be required to complete a
portfolio to be turned in at the end of the student’s final course
and submitted to the C. Louis Cedrone International Education
Center at Framingham State University.

Required Courses (8)
EDUC 921 Supervision, Staff Development, and Collaborative Leadership
EDUC 926 Issues and Influences in Education
EDUC 932 Creative Teaching Techniques and Utilization of Multimedia
EDUC 999 Research and Evaluation
EDUC 925 Curriculum: Theory and Practice
LTRC 920 Issues and Strategies in Reading and Literacy Instruction
SPED 924 Special Education in the Regular Classroom
TESL 928 English as a Second Language and Cross-Cultural Awareness

Elective Course (1)
The elective course is determined by program coordinator and
reflects local interest and needs. Possible electives are listed
below (additional choices may be available):

EDLE 927 Advanced Teaching Strategies
EDUC 991 Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice
EDUC 998 Language Development and Communication
LTRC 926 Teaching the Writing Process
SPED 960 Assessment of Learning Problems
SPED 963 Behavior and Classroom Management

Information on Portfolio

The portfolio will consist of nine (9) or ten (10) papers (one for
each course) composed of the following two parts. Each paper
should be written at the conclusion of each course.

  1. A summary of an assignment, project or a course experience that was especially meaningful.
  2. A self-reflective statement that discusses how the course contributes to the student’s ability to become a more effective educator and lifelong learner. This part should also discuss how the student plans to apply what he/she has learned from this course.

At the conclusion of all course work, the student prepares a
summary statement that describes how the overall program has
contributed to him/herself professionally as an educator and
lifelong learner.

The portfolio will be reviewed by a faculty committee of the
International Teaching program to determine if it has met the
requirements stated above and will receive a Pass/Fail grade.
It will be filed in the C. Louis Cedrone International Education
Center at Framingham State University. Students should submit the
portfolio within seven days after their final course. The degree will
not be granted until the portfolio has been graded and approved.

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