Interested in Starting a New Program in Your Area?

Open only to educators/professionals living and working overseas.

Our Framingham State University Graduate Programs are a great recruitment tool as well as receiving top notch professors to provide professional development experiences. Our programs are fully accredited and are offered at affordable costs. On average, tuition for a 4 credit graduate course would cost approximately US $550. In order to begin a program, at least 20 participants are needed to undertake the entire program.

The program allows two professors to teach at a site during school vacation periods. Each course meets for 40 contact hours in the classroom. The courses are generally scheduled, Monday-Friday, for the two week period with one course offered in the morning for four hours and the other course in the afternoon for four hours. Pre-course assignments and materials are sent to the site ahead of the scheduled courses so that students can begin to prepare for the upcoming courses. It takes at least two to two and a half years to complete all program requirements.

Framingham State University is the first public college in the United States to prepare teachers.

All programs are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

If you are interested in having one of our programs come to your school, please email Ms. Joyce Fahey.

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