Donna Dixon

“The June courses were fabulous, to say the very least, I learned a lot!  Both of the professors shared knowledge, life experiences, and wisdom.  I don't know if it is just me and where I am at in my life and career, but the courses seem to be more intense and educationally rewarding.

I have walked away from the last few courses knowing that the information I received and knowledge I gained will have a positive impact on the future lives I touch. I thank Framingham for continuing to make these opportunities available to the international students."

M.Ed. in International Teaching, Honduras, '04
Currently enrolled in M.A. Educational Leadership, Honduras

        Jennie Kent

“My experience with the International Educational Program offered by Framingham gave me opportunities that would have been difficult to encounter elsewhere while living abroad: an affordable English-based degree program with a class schedule that was suited to the needs of someone that was working, face to face experiences with faculty who were willing to share their knowledge, practical advice, and teaching strategies both in and outside of the classroom, and stimulating discussions with peers who shared my needs, interests, and concerns regarding the current state of education and its future. I have been able to consistently apply the knowledge that I obtained during the program in the creative processes that I use in my work every day, enriching the children’s content that I develop with a strong educational base. This insight has helped to make my work stand out in the market and be more appealing to the both the demands of today’s children and a market that is being affected dramatically by technological advances."

M.Ed. in International Teaching, Costa Rica, '04
Internationally acclaimed children's author

Gustavo Teixeira
     Gustavo Teixeira

“I believe that the International Master Program was very important for me. As a medical doctor, I didn’t have the skills for teaching practice or the philosophy of education to teach, the overall program has contributed to me on those issues. The courses were very interesting and the professors motivated me to believe in education as a powerful tool to integrate and include students of all ages.

The Master Program taught me to become a better person, a responsible citizen and I plan to transmit this knowledge thru my psychoeducational books, courses and lectures. Doing so, I will be able to help school teachers and parents regarding special education and behavior disorders at school.

I believe in Education, THANK YOU to Framingham Master Program!"

M.Ed. in International Teaching, Sao Paulo, Brazil, '11

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