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The Library Diversity Advisory Committee (LDAC) was formed to provide leadership and recommendations based on best practices in academic libraries relating to staffing, collections, outreach and services. The committee aspires to foster cultural competence in order to create a positive and inclusive environment for the campus community.

Library Mission Statement for Assistive Technology

The Henry Whittemore Library ensures that students, faculty, staff, and the general public including those with disabilities have appropriate technology to access programs and services of the university.

Policy Statement

The Henry Whittemore Library is committed to provide equal access to all students and members of our community so they may be "informed, inspired, and empowered to become information literate and self-directed learner" as stated in FSU's Vision Statement. Our policy is to expand our library services through assistive technology and provide those patrons whom have visual, hearing, and learning disabilities the ability to become more independent and autonomous in their use of the library.

Open Houses

The Library and Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) will host Open House sessions throughout the year to introduce students to the assistive technology software and hardware.

There is following is assistive technology available for use:

  • Computer with 24 inch monitor
  • Scanner: the scanner is available to all students
  • Portable magnifiers (2): hand held devices (See Reference Desk for check-out)
  • Specialized keyboard: high visibility keys offer improved readability and control. The keyboard has keys associated with Zoomtext software
  • Pearl document camera: converts printed text to human-like speech in seconds. The reading camera works only with Open Book software (See the Periodicals Department for check-out)
  • Topaz video magnifier: Desktop video magnifier with high definition/resolution 24 inch screen
  • Apple iPad and Apple iPad mini: tablet with assistive technology apps installed (See the Periodicals Department for check-out)
  • Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra personal amplifiers (2) with assorted headphones: personal amplifiers (See the Periodicals Department for check-out)
  • Sorenson videophone: deaf-friendly videophone


  • Wynn Wizard: software for students with learning disabilities and those who have difficulty with reading and writing
  • OpenBook: software that converts printed documents or graphic-based text into an electronic text format on the PC, using quality speech and the latest optical character recognition technology. Works with PEARL reading camera
  • JAWS: A computer screen reader program that provides a text-to-speech output
  • Zoomtext: a screen magnifying software
  • Selected assortment of iPad apps


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