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1839      Cyrus Peirce appointed Principal
July 1839     Normal School opens in Lexington, Mass.
1842     Samuel J. May appointed Principal
1844     Normal School moves to West Newton
1844     Cyrus Peirce returned as Principal
1845     Normal School designated State Normal School
1847     Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, later president of Argentina, visits the Normal School
1849     Eben S. Stearns appointed Principal
1850     First printed diplomas issued at the Normal School
1850     Lucretia Crocker, first woman supervisor for Boston Public Schools, graduates
1853     Normal School moves to Bare Hill, Framingham
1854     George B. Bigelow appointed Principal
1857     Dred Scott decision by U.S. Supreme Court
1859     Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species
1861-1865     U.S. Civil War 
1863     President Abraham Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation
1864     Quarter centennial celebration of the Normal School
1866     Annie Johnson appointed Principal, first woman in Mass. to serve in that role
1867     First Model School established at Normal School
1869     First boarding residence built at the Normal School
1875     Ellen Hyde appointed Acting Principal and later Principal
1876     Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone 
1879     Abby May appointed first Official Visitor, Board of Higher Ed., first woman Visitor in Mass.
1879     Thomas Edison makes first light bulb 
1881     Olivia Davidson graduates from Normal School. Marries Booker T.  Washington, founder of Tuskegee Institute
1886     Crocker Hall built and named for Lucretia Crocker
1888     Electricity installed in Normal School dormitory
1889     May Hall built
1893     High school diplomas required for admission to Normal School
1896     Practice School opens in May Hall. Portia Washington, daughter of Booker T. Washington, attends
1898     Boston School of Household Arts becomes part of Normal School
1898     Henry Whittemore appointed Principal
1899     Kindergarten established at Normal School
1900     World's population reaches 1 billion 
1900     Framingham's Official Town Seal dedicated, featuring May Hall
1901     Tunnels connected at the Normal School between May and Crocker Halls
1901     Wells Hall constructed at Normal School (Razed 1962)
1903     Wright brothers fly 1st airplane 
1908     The Quill, forerunner of The Dial, published at the Normal School
1909     Senior Class Day inaugurated at the Normal School
1914-1918     World War I
1914     Normal Hall burns, construction of Peirce Hall begins
1915     Practice School moves to Jonathan Maynard building, near the Centre Common
1915     First Dial published
1917     James Chalmers appointed President
1918     Red Sox win World Series
1920     Horace Mann Hall completed at the Normal School
1920     19th Amendment gives women the right to vote
1923     First Bachelor of Science in Education degrees awarded
1924     Home Economics Club  formed at Normal School
1927     The Jazz Singer, first sound movie, is shown
1930     Francis A. Bagnall appointed President
1932      The Normal School becomes the State Teachers College at Framingham
1932      First issue of the Gatepost published
1934     First May Day celebration at the College
1936     New College Seal designed
1936     Martin F. O'Connor appointed President
1938     First Senior Investiture at the College
1938     Hurricane damages May and Crocker Halls
1938     May Hall rebuilt without turrets. Crocker Hall renovated
1939-1945     World War II
1939     President Martin F. O'Connor composes the College Hymn for centennial celebration
1942     College accredited by American Assoc. of Colleges for Teacher Education
1948     The Marshall Plan begins giving economic aid to war-torn countries.
1948     Harry S Truman elected President of the United States
1949     The United States and allies set up NATO
1949     Household Arts becomes Home Economics
1951     Americans see the first nationwide telecast
1953     U.S. population in 1953: 159,700,000
1955     Gym and auditorium added to Dwight Hall
1956     Continuing Education Division established
1959     College empowered to offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees
1959     Bement House purchased
1960     State Teachers College becomes State College at Framingham
1960     John F. Kennedy elected President of the United States
1961     Master of Education Degree is authorized at College
1961     D. Justin McCarthy appointed President
1962     O'Connor Hall dedicated
1962     Bement House becomes President's House
1963     President John F. Kennedy assassinated 
1963     Hemenway Hall completed
1964     Male students enroll at College
1964     125th Anniversary celebrated
1965     Nexus, forerunner of Onyx, published
1965-1975     Vietnam War
1968     Larned Hall completed
1968     Master of Science in Education authorized
1969     Apollo 11 lands on the moon 
1969     Whittemore Library completed
1969     Master of Arts degree authorized
1970     Christa Corrigan McAuliffe, first teacher in space, graduates from College
1972     College changes curriculum to 32 course structure
1973     College opens new buildings: Towers, Linsley, Foster, and Hemenway Annex
1976     D. Justin McCarthy College Center opens
1981     AIDS first diagnosed and identified
1983     May Hall renovated
1985     Paul F. Weller appointed President
1986     Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center established
1989     Berlin Wall torn down
1989     College celebrates sesquicentennial
1991     U.S.S.R. dissolves,  Russia is reborn
1996     North Atlantic Free Trade Association is created
1996     Raymond N. Kieft appointed President
1999     Helen L. Heineman appointed President. Becomes first woman and first FSC faculty member to hold title
2000     World's population exceeds 6 billion 
2000     Ecumenical and Cultural Center re-opens
2001     Athletic and Recreational Center opens
2002     Wireless laptop computers required for freshmen
2003     Framingham State College Celebrates 150 Years in Framingham                            2010    Governor Deval Patrick signs legislation creating a state university system. Framingham State officially beomes a university                                                                        2014     Framingham State University Celebrates 175th anniversary

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