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This is a historic year for Framingham State College, the 150th anniversary of its move to the Town of Framingham.  Framingham State College holds the distinction of being the oldest institution of public higher education in the United States of America to train teachers.  This year, Arcadia Press has published a pictorial history of this venerable institution.   

Located first in Lexington in 1839, relocated to West Newton in 1844, the College eventually outgrew its site in West Newton, and in 1853, the Town of Framingham made a generous offer of $2,500 and 5.75 acres of scenic hilltop property.  The Boston and Albany Railroad pledged an additional $2,000, with other gifts from the Town and a Legislative Appropriation Board put together $10,000 to construct a new building in Framingham Centre.  One hundred and fifty years ago, many distinguished guests gathered to inaugurate this new era in the history of the school.  Our school stood at the forefront of upgrading public education, and there was much optimism about the future.  Of course the Civil War lay only a short period away, but meanwhile, enrollment improved, and by the time of the outbreak of the War, there were 85 students attending.  Today more than 5,000 students come through our doors each year, 3,000 during the day and 2,000 in our Graduate and Continuing Education evening programs.  This year, we are midway into our innovative Wireless Laptop Program.  Every freshman will come equipped with a laptop computer to take advantage of the many classes in which technology has been integrated as part of the curriculum.  

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