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These resources are available at no charge from the NASA Educator Resource Center. For more information, contact Curriculum Librarian Kim Cochrane at (508)626-4657 or kcochrane1@framingham.edu .

Educator’s Guides



Astro-Venture: Astronomy Educator guide


Exploring Meteorites Teacher’s Guide


Exploring the Moon: A Teacher’s Guide with Activities for Earth and Space Sciences


Our Mission to Planet Earth: Teacher’s Guide with 7 Lithographs


Planetary Geology: Teacher’s Guide


Rockets: An Educator’s Guide with Activities in Science, Math and Technology


Space Based Astronomy Educator’s Guide






NASA Aerospace Technology Education Resource Guide: Centennial of Flight Edition






NASA Education Communication Strategy


Native People of NASA Exploring Mother Earth and Father Sky


What Drives Innovators? Curiosity [Lift Here and Out There]


What Inspires Innovators? Creativity [Let’s Fly – Aeronautics]


What Shapes Innovators? Vision [Cosmic connection to the Universe]


What Strengthens Innovators? Courage [3,2,1, Liftoff – Rocketry]


What Sustains Innovators? Enthusiasm [Discover Mother Earth and Father Sky]






Carina Nebula Pillar


Core of Omega Centauri (NGC5139)






Pillar in the Carina Nebula


Solar System Lithograph Sets


Space Shuttle Endeavour Lift Off Into Space


Tools for Space Walking






Digital Learning Network


Education on NASA.GOV


Education Technology and Products


NASA Informal Education




SAM, MSL, Mars Online Resources






NASA [logo]


SAM- Sample Analysis at Mars


STS-129 Patch


STS-131 Patch






NASA Explorer Schools


NASA Spacesuits


Summer of Innovation


What Inspires Innovators? Creativity


What Sustains Innovators? Enthusiasm


Year of the Solar System






NASA Fun Pads








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