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Quiz 2:   The Information Search Process

  1. To check-out circulating books, what do you need to do?
  2. How would you find a book in the stacks in Whittemore Library when you have found it in the online catalog?
  3. What is a citation?
  4. What is a periodical index?
  5. What is a keyword search?
  6. How would you enter a keyword search in one of the periodical databases if your topic was for example, women in the literature of Charles Dickens?
  7. What do you need to do when you have a title of the book and you want to see if we have it in the library catalog?


  1. Take  your student ID to circulation and get the library barcode on the back of your ID activated as your library card.
  2. Write down the call number (the number next to the location of the book).   If the book is located in Whittemore Library, you can find your book on the shelf by following this call number (Library of Congress Classification System)) and then looking on the spines of the books for your number and letter sequence.  
  3. A citation is all of the publishing information on a book or periodical article including author, title, publisher, and date published (and in the case of journals- journal title, article title, volume and number).
  4. A periodical index is a set of printed books or an electronic database that indexes journal articles by subject or author.
  5. In keyword searching you compose complex search expressions with words called Boolean operators to connect your words or phrases.  For example:  a keyword  search includes the Boolean operators AND or  OR .... such as:  women AND abortion,  women OR girls
  6. women AND literature AND dickens....or....women AND dickens
  7. Select title search in the library catalogue but omit the article in the title.  For example: Age of Innocence (not The Age of Innocence)

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