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Quiz 3:   The Internet

  1. What do you need to connect to the Internet from your home?
  2. What is HTML?
  3. What are URLs?
  4. What is a search engine?  
  5. What is a meta-search engine?
  6. What is a Web browser?
  7. What is a bookmark?


  1. A modem, a phone connection, an Internet Service Provider, and a Web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer). Other options are cable, satellite, or DSL connections. 
  2. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the computer language that composes the multimedia documents or Web sites on the Internet. 
  3. URLs or Uniform Resource Locators are the unique addresses for documents on the web. 
  4. A search engine is a database that organizes,  indexes and retrieves Web pages when you do a search on the Web.  An example of a search engine is: www.google.com
  5. A meta search engine searches several individual search engines at once but only retrieve approximately 10% of the search engine results from each one they visit.
  6. A Web browser is a computer program that allows you to view World Wide Web and HTML documents. Netscape and Internet Explorer are Web browsers.
  7. Bookmarks allow your computer to remember your favorite Web sites so you do not have to look them up each time you log onto the Web.

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