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The Student Conduct office can be contacted at 508-626-4630.

Framingham State University strives to maintain an educational community environment which fosters academic pursuit, intellectual growth and the development of students who are ethically sensitive and responsible persons.

The University has the responsibility and authority to take proper disciplinary action in response to behavior that threatens or disrupts the mission of the university.  The university’s Student Conduct Code is detailed in the RAM Student Handbook.  Included in the Student Conduct Code are the Student Conduct Code Regulations, the process for Administration of Discipline for Violation of University Policy, and Definition of Disciplinary Sanctions.

The goal of Student Conduct is to respond to alleged violations of the General Student Conduct Code Regulations in a manner which protects the University’s mission and the campus community and which also aids in the development of ethical and responsible students.  

It should be noted that the student conduct code system proceedings pertain to resolution of alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code Regulations.  Behaviors that violate the student conduct code may also violate criminal or civil law, and as such may also be subject to separate proceedings under the civil and criminal court systems.  The student conduct system in no way precludes a person who incurs damage or injury from seeking redress in the civil or criminal courts.

Students are expected to be familiar with university policies and guidelines including those outlined in the RAM Student Handbook, the Guide to Residence Living, Campus Parking Rules and Regulations and in other official university publications and postings.

The Student Conduct office is located on the lower level of Corinne Hall Towers. The office may be accessed through the State Street entrance.

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